Dianne Feinstein runs stealth campaign for re-election

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Because of redistricting, there are quite a few competitive congressional races in California this year — about a dozen seats are truly up for grabs. But redistricting has done nothing to shake up the race for U.S. Senate.

You may be surprised to see 24 candidates on your ballot Tuesday running for a U.S. Senate seat. There are lawyers, businessmen and women, a chiropractor, a retired teacher…and Dianne Feinstein.

The San Francisco Democrat has served 20 years in the Senate – next year she turns 80. Feinstein easily won re-election six years ago, and appears comfortably ahead this time around. She will have to face Tuesday's runner up in November.

The senator has a huge money advantage, raising more than $9 million so far, with $7 million left in the bank. That’s far more than the combined total for the top two Republican challengers, Daniel Hughes and Elizabeth Emkin. Feinstein does have several million dollars of debt, most of which her campaign blames on her former treasurer’s embezzlement.

Feinstein’s campaign says it’s holding off on radio and TV ads until the fall, when she hopes to draw in moderate voters for President Barack Obama.

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