Voters to experience 2-tier primary system for the first time

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It could be a confusing day for some voters at the polls on Tuesday. It’s the first statewide primary election under California’s new “Top Two” system.

“I think people will find it unusual to have long lists of people to choose between," said Trudy Schafer with the League of Women Voters of California. "That may confuse people. On the other hand, fortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of races for any one person’s ballot, and I think that will help. And we have only two propositions.”

Under the new system, all voters (whether they’re registered in a political party or not) will see every candidate from every party on their ballots. For example, 24 different people are running for California’s U.S. Senate seat and voters can pick any one of those candidates. The top two finishers in each race advance to the November election.

The new system applies only to legislative and congressional races.

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