'LA's finally a hockey town': Fans gear up for LA Kings going for the Stanley Cup

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39481 full

As fans got ready for Game Three of the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup bid, thousands milled outside the Staples Center. Face-painting, music-playing and — of course — tons of cheering went on Monday night as fans waited.

Tickets have long been selling in the hundreds of dollars online, but prices skyrocketed as the "Sold Out" label loomed. As of 4:30 p.m. only six tickets were left — and those were going for $575 a piece.

Meanwhile, scalpers (and scammers) were hard at work outside Staples Center. Three fans from Canada claimed they bought three tickets from a sidewalk scalper at $400 a piece. They were fake — leaving the men $1,200 in the hole.

One self-described diehard said he's been in Los Angeles since the 1970s, and that a victory here in the hockey rink "means more than any Lakers victory, Dodgers victory, any victory."

"Los Angeles can now be considered a hockey town," he said.

Those who want to watch the game had better have a cable subscription. Fans can view it on NBC Sports, but not on local channels.

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