Crystal Cathedral no more: New owners introduce 'Christ Cathedral'

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The announcement was made during the Saturday morning ordination of four Catholic priests, according to a statement made by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

During the ceremony at St. Columban Catholic Church in Garden Grove, Bishop Tod D. Brown said the new name was "a clear proclamation of why this Church exists and will be of continuing importance to people of faith across the region.”

The ordination was attended by more than 1,500 Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange paid $57 million last year to buy the Crystal Cathedral campus in Garden Grove. It plans to swap its congregation, which had been worshipping at the St. Callistus Catholic Church, to their new campus, along with the diocese’s administrative offices.

Christ Cathedral wasn't the only new title introduced on Saturday — Father Christopher Smith was dubbed Episcopal Vicar to the newly-transferred campus.

“I can recall the change in the Orange skyline when the Crystal Cathedral was created," said Fr. Christopher Smith in a statement. "I never imagined that someday this magnificent structure would be part of our diocese and would eventually serve as the primary Catholic Church for the region. I, like many others, was overwhelmed when I learned of the acquisition and shocked when Bishop invited me to join him in this critical phase."

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