Gun sculptures on display at LAPD

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Sculptures crafted from two-tons of destroyed guns will be on display at a reception Thursday at LAPD. It may not be your typical exhibition space, but it fits for artist Victor Hugo Zayas.

He spent five years working with police to get his hands on pieces of rifles and shotguns collected from the department’s Gun Buyback Program.

“I never thought I would ever work together with the LAPD, but this was sort of an accident, but in a way sort of a neat accident because they came from the LAPD," he said. "They break them down, give to them to me and I think it would be appropriate to bring them back to them in a different form.”

Zayas said he built 17 sculptures and one is dedicated to a friend who was killed in gun violence.

“It’s quite a powerful image because I’ve taken something so negative and transformed it into a sculpture," he said. "So if people go away with the idea of you can take anything negative and transform it into something positive, it would be pretty amazing.”

The sculptures will be in the lobby of LAPD’s downtown administration building for at least a month. Zayas said he’s not sure where they’ll go next since he’s gotten calls from people around the world interested in showing his work.

Thursday's reception starts at 5:30 p.m. during L.A.'s Downtown Art Walk. Zayas will be around to answer questions about his work. He'll also display photos of what the guns looked like before they were melted down to be used in his sculptures.

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