LA County to lay off 150 court employees, downgrade hundreds more

38476 full
38476 full

Squeezed by state budget cutbacks, the Los Angeles County court system is launching massive layoffs, pay cuts and transfers Friday.

Cutbacks will affect 431 court employees and 56 courtrooms throughout the nation's largest superior court system.

Presiding Judge Lee Smalley Edmons says longtime employees are being laid off in the quest to save $30 million. She notes earlier reductions already saved $70 million, but more cuts in state support for trial courts are scheduled for the next fiscal year.

The plan calls for laying off 157 people while hundreds more will be given lower-level positions, reduced to part-time work or transferred to new jobs because their old ones have been eliminated.

A court spokeswoman says targeted employees won't be identified until they're notified Friday morning.

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