2 Electric Daisy Carnival revelers die in Vegas

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Courtesy of Marcus Mendez

Thousands of attendees crowd the stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 2010.

Producers of an electronic music party in Las Vegas don't think the deaths of two revelers last week will threaten the event's future there.

Erika Raney, a spokeswoman for Electric Daisy Carnival producer Insomniac, says her company was "deeply saddened" by the deaths, but they occurred beyond the festival's walls as well as beyond her company's control.

A 31 year-old Florida man died Saturday at a Las Vegas hospital after being struck by a truck when leaving the rave Monday morning. His name hasn't been released.

Authorities confirmed Friday that University of Arizona student Emily McCaughan died early Monday after falling from her 27th floor Las Vegas hotel room.

Family members told the Las Vegas Review-Journal she had paranoid delusions after taking ecstasy at the three-day festival, which ended last Monday.

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