Mourners gather in LA's Leimert Park to mark Rodney King's passing

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A group of about 50 strong attended Rodney King's vigil in Leimert Park to celebrate the man's life and place in history. Activist Najee Ali, from Project Islamic Hope, organized the event.

At several points during the vigil, the entire crowd chanted "Can we all get along," a catchphrase King wanted to be remembered for. There were a number of guests including King's lawyer, Milton Grimes, and Henry Watson.

School teacher Kenneth Beavers was one of the Leimert Park locals at Monday night's memorial.

"I came out in support of a man who was beaten. And if it had have been a white kid, I would have been out here for them, too," he said. "Because no one should go through this. Nobody. No race. Anyone."

Attendees shared memories of King, as well as their experience with the L.A. Riots and the changes they had seen occur in the years since.

Rose Johnson Brown went with her family to every King hearing she could get to: "And when I met him, I asked him for a hug. And I told him, I have so long waited, I feel so blessed to have met you, to tell you I love you. I thank you for being, for keep getting up. You did not lay down and die,"
Brown said.

Leimert Park has been home to many community vigils through the years. Many celebrities have been remembered there as well, including Whitney Houston and Aaliyah.

Correction: What the crowd was chanting was initially misreported as "can't we all just get along."

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