LA City Council, British Consulate salute the 2012 London Olympics

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The L.A. City Council joined forces with the British Consulate Monday to give a tip of the hat to London's 2012 Olympics. An audience of ambassadors and journalists gathered at the main entrance of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as ambassadors and councilmen took to the podium to pay tribute the Games.

"We salute London from this iconic place, Los Angeles," said Barry Sanders of the Parks Department. "This place that stands for legacy. And we do so with warm hearts and with great anticipation of great thing."

Sanders was joined by Councilmember Tom LaBonge and the Honorable Dame Barbara Hay, the Consulate's Consul-General. Rod Dixon, a former Olympic bronze medal winner from New Zealand, also spoke.

"On the 27th of July, turn it on [the TV] and keep on watching," said Anita DeFrantz of the LA84 Foundation. "You are going see some remarkable, remarkable stories told to the entire world."

L.A.'s Coliseum is the only place to host the Olympic Games twice. Councilmember Tom LaBonge showed the Ambassadors around the monolith, then capped the proceedings by lighting the "Olympic Cauldron."

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