How will the Supreme Court health care decision affect you?

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All eyes will be on the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday when it hands down its ruling on the health care law. But the question on most people’s minds is: how will the high court decision affect me? One expert says that, for more than half of working Americans, the answer will be: not too much.

Many legal experts predict the high court will strike down the part of the health care law that requires all Americans to have health insurance. But what if you’re already insured?

Jennifer Tolbert of the Kaiser Family Foundation said that, for people who are currently enrolled in coverage by their employer, "how the Supreme Court rules may not have an impact." She said companies that voluntarily provide health insurance are likely to continue to do so.

However, she said some aspects of coverage could change if the Supreme Court strikes down part of the law. If the Court eliminates lifetime limits on coverage, "We may see a return to employers imposing those lifetime limits."

And, she says, the court could also strike down the requirement that preventive services be free. "Some employers may likely keep that coverage option in place," she said. "Others may revert to imposing cost sharing."

Three out of five Americans under age 65 get their health insurance from their employer. Those who stand to be most affected by the Supreme Court ruling? The uninsured and the poor.

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