Mexicans heading home over this weekend to vote in the presidential elections

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Mexicans will choose their new president Sunday and at least a few caravans from Los Angeles will be heading two hours south to Tijuana, filled with citizens who want to cast their votes personally.

Raul Murillo is making the trip to be an "observador" (an impartial observer) of Sunday’s election. He’ll be bringing a few other Mexicans along who are registered to vote.

Together, they’ll cast votes in person, something that is far easier than trying to file an absentee vote. Absentee votes can cost more than $30 in fees, a trip back to Mexico just to register and much bureaucratic back-and forth.

Speaking on the Patt Morrison show, Murillo said it’s been difficult to single out the best candidate from afar.

“The candidates, some of them talk against the war on the cartels or the drug leaders," he says. "But none of them have been criticizing directly, or saying that they have a special solution for the problems."

Just over 62,000 Mexicans are registered to vote from the United States, but estimates say there are almost four million Mexicans here who can but do not vote.

A majority of them are living in California; many of them are undocumented.

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