Paul Krekorian expresses interest in Los Angeles city attorney job

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Next year’s race for Los Angeles city attorney becomes more intriguing as the summer wears on: The latest potential candidate for L.A. city attorney is Councilman Paul Krekorian of the San Fernando Valley.

“What I have said repeatedly on this is when a situation like that comes up, it is of course something that, being one of two lawyers on the city council, I would have a look at. So have I considered it? Have I thought about it? Yes," he told KPCC.

What makes the race interesting is incumbent Carmen Trutanich, who was widely expected to move on to the district attorney's job until he failed to make the runoff. He’s said he’ll now run for re-election as city attorney, though some observers sat his loss in the DA’s race weakened his prospects. State Assemblyman Mike Feuer is also running, and he's been raising campaign cash for a year. Attorney Gregory Smith is also a candidate. Krekorian, a former assemblyman and the city’s first Armenian-American councilman, thinks he can muster the money to compete.

“I have every confidence that I would have broad enough support to be able to have all the resources I would need to be able to be a very strong candidate," he said.

Krekorian estimated that it would take well over a million dollars to be a real contender in the race for city attorney.

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