Huntington Beach allows use of personal fireworks for first time in 20 years

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Personal fireworks use is against the law in most of Orange County’s 34 cities, but one city has bucked that trend and recently reversed its ban — and not everyone is happy about it.

If you’re looking for huge fireworks shows in Orange County this Fourth of July, there are plenty to choose from, but if you wanted to set off your own Roman candles or bottle rockets, you'd be out of luck in most of the county.

Officials say there have been fewer injuries and fires in Orange County since most cities there banned personal fireworks, but the Huntington Beach City Council recently voted 5-2 to throw out its ban for a two-year trial period.

City Councilwoman Connie Boardman was one of the ‘no’ votes.

“Our residents are rightly concerned," Boardman said. "They’re concerned [about] loss of property, and damage due to fire to their property, injury — and many of them emailed us with very poignant stories about bad experiences with these personal fireworks in the past.”

Boardman says the city lifted the ban even though its fire and police chiefs wanted to keep it.

The Council approved the change to give community groups a chance to raise some money.

Under the new ordinance, the only place in Huntington Beach where you can legally set off fireworks is in your front- or backyard.

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