Honda's new all-electric Fit only available via lease, and only in California and Oregon

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41576 full

Southern California will be one of the first markets where drivers can lease Honda's newest electric car. The Japanese automaker has announced it will offer a lease for the all-electric version of its popular five-passenger Fit starting later this month.

The electric Fit made news recently when the Environmental Protection Agency awarded it the highest "miles per gasoline equivalent" rating so far. MPG-e is how the federal government is trying to make it possible to compare electric cars to gas-powered ones, though electric car owners say the car’s range — how far it can travel on a charge — matters to them too.

The new Honda Fit isn’t even available for purchase yet. The idea is to offer it under a three-year lease for $389 a month in some California and Oregon markets, then expand the program for six East Coast cities next year.

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