House to vote again on repeal of health care law

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Less than two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court left intact most of the Affordable Care Act, the House of Representatives will vote this afternoon to repeal the health care law.

Ahead of the vote, House Democrats gathered what they described as “real people” — including seniors, young adults with pre-existing conditions, and a fussy baby — to tell how the law affects them.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California defends the health care law as a jobs creator. "This bill gives people the freedom to choose their job, honoring their aspirations, their talents, their skills and not to be job locked it they want to be self employed, if they want to start a business, if they want to change jobs, they can do that and that freedom will help our economy."

Republicans describe the measure as a jobs killer.

The repeal has little chance in the Democratically led Senate. President Barack Obama has pledged to veto the measure. The House has voted more than 30 times to defund, limit, or repeal the health care law. The vote is scheduled for noon Pacific time.

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