Schiff puts demand for night fire fighting decision in budget

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It’s been nearly three years since the Station Fire killed two firefighters and destroyed about a third of the Angeles National Forest.

A Southland congressman is still waiting for the U.S. Forest Service to decide whether to allow fire fighting flights at night.

The Forest Service stopped fighting fires from the air after dark 35 years ago, when two helicopters collided over a fire in L.A. County.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff says a lot has changed since then.

"And it’s not as if the Forest Service doesn’t rely on others to do night flights," Schiff says. "It’s willing to call in L.A. City and L.A. County."

Adam Schiff, whose district includes the acres burned by the Station Fire, has been pushing the U.S. Forest Service to change its policy for years.

Now, he’s included language that demands answers in the Forest Service budget.

He says he suspects it’s a resource issue. If the Forest Service decides to resume night flights "then they need to find a way to allocate the resources for it."

Back in February, the head of the U.S. Forest Service said the agency’s nearly finished with the report.

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