Sequestration means California could lose 90,000 non-military jobs

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Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) jobs are just some of the federal occupations that would take a hit from the forced cuts.

Defense contractors were on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning telling lawmakers how half-trillion dollars in mandatory cuts known as sequestration will affect their industries.

A new study from George Mason University shows potential losses in California would include tens of thousands of non-defense jobs.

According to the study, California could lose more than 100,000 defense-related jobs in addition to almost 90,000 non-military federal jobs.

Sequestration requires equal cuts to defense and domestic spending.

In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Sean O'Keefe of the aerospace giant EADS said the civilian cuts would slam the airspace industry.

He warned of fewer TSA agents at airports, fewer research grants and more flight disruptions after FAA air traffic controllers are asked to not report for duty.

O’Keefe told lawmakers cuts to defense were particularly profound, given their effect on America’s volunteer military.

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