@JerryBrownSays: Gov. Brown's S-word slip not surprising

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Gov. Jerry Brown is a quotable man with a penchant for saying things that cause listeners to cock an eyebrow. At a press conference Wednesday, he told reporters, "I want to get s--- done." David Siders of the Sacramento Bee explains JerryBrownSays, a Twitter account devoted to curating the politician's one-liners.

"He's always putting things in an interesting way, and I think that's what's good about the account," Siders said. "We could just put quirky things he says that are only funny, so we could just laugh, but because he says things in a different way, it's interesting. He called the budget earlier this year a 'pretzel palace of incredible complexity.'"

Siders added that the only challenge with maintaining the Twitter feed is keeping up with Brown's vocabulary.

"I'm not sure if all the time the words actually exist. It's certainly composed of more than one language. He tends to speak in Latin, sometimes, which is beyond me. So that requires a turn to the dictionary," Siders joked.

We've gathered several of Brown's sidesplitting moments from @JerryBrownSays:


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