Metro seeks outside help in fixing faulty tracks along the Expo Line

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Southland transportation authorities are looking for an outside expert to help fix some faulty tracks along the Expo Line.

Earlier this month, California's Public Utilities Commission ordered L.A.'s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to replace the section of track where the Blue and Expo lines merge near downtown Los Angeles.

The MTA told the commission it wanted more clarity about how the P.U.C. wanted to deal with the problem. So last week the MTA, the commission and the agency that built the Expo Line met to discuss next steps. All sides agreed to bring in an independent track expert to help come up with a plan to fix the junction.

The problem area is at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Flower Street, where trains are forced to make a sharp turn. Late last year, transportation officials added metal to the track to fix wear and tear.

But inspectors later found at least two new cracks, leading state regulators to worry about possible derailment.

Officials say they hope to select the outside expert in the next couple of weeks.

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