A Long Beach/Seal Beach Carmageddon? 605 connector to 405 South closing for 2 weeks

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Another traffic headache over the next couple of weeks will hopefully open the way for a smoother ride a couple of years down the road. Starting Monday at 10 p.m., the southbound 605 to the southbound 405 connector will be closed for improvements.

The closure will reopen in mid-August after two weeks of construction, during which no traffic will be allowed through.

Orange County Transportation Authority spokesman Joel Zlotnik says drivers should plan routes ahead of time to minimize delays, but he wouldn’t call the road work project another “Carmageddon.”

"The number of cars that use this connector is far fewer than those that are traveling through the 405 in the Sepulveda Pass. It's about 54,000 cars a day. And that doesn't make it any easier for those 54,000 cars, but I don't think we're going to see things that are on the scale of 'Carmageddon,'" he said.

For the next couple of weeks, those drivers will have to exit the freeway and crowd onto surface streets through Long Beach and Seal Beach.

Crews are rebuilding the connector road and adding a carpool lane to improve traffic on the 405, 605 and 22 freeways. It’s part of a $277 million project.

The connector will be closed for two weeks so construction workers can widen the 405 freeway and link car pool lanes. Drivers exiting the 605 freeway will be diverted onto surface streets through Long Beach and Seal Beach.

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