Study urges Pasadena not to offer Rose Bowl as possible NFL home

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A recent study conducted by the Urban Land Institute says that Pasadena should resist the temptation to offer an NFL team a temporary home in the Rose Bowl.

One of the report's many conclusions might be the most troubling to Pasadena officials who want to cash in on the NFL’s potential return to Southern California. It says that letting a pro football team crash at the Rose Bowl while developers build a permanent stadium elsewhere would strike against the city’s efforts to make the Central Arroyo Seco a sustainable part of greater Pasadena.

The city’s currently considering a range of issues that relate to renovations at the Rose Bowl, and the best sustainable uses of the surrounding Central Arroyo Seco.

The report recommends creating a conservancy for the area, much like the one that monitors New York’s Central Park.

It also suggests developing new fee-based parking and a tour program that takes visitors into the Rose Bowl Stadium’s locker rooms and onto the playing field.

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