Free medical care clinic returns to LA Sports Arena, improved

26908 full
26908 full

A large, free health clinic is returning to the Los Angeles Sports Arena this September. Thousands of patients will once again be able to receive free medical care, and organizers say they will be offering even more dental and vision care this go around.

Local health agency L.A. Health Care Plan has increased its sponsorship of the clinic. CEO Howard Kahn says this an important moment for the clinic, with the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold most of the federal health care law.

“This year, we can really talk about an avenue to the future," he said. "Because of health care reform, education about what’s coming is the most important [aspect of] this year['s clinic]."

The nonprofit group Care Harbor, formerly known as CareNow, is the main organizer of the event. It will be holding the clinic from September 27 through the 30.

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