Biologists track 2 mountain lion kittens found in the mountains near Malibu

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Biologists with the National Park Service are tracking two mountain lion kittens they found a couple weeks ago in the mountains near Malibu.

Kate Kuykendall with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area estimates the brother and sister kittens, named “Puma 23” and “Puma 24,” are about six to eight weeks old.

“They look pretty furry, they have bright, blue eyes, they’re born with spots — kind of more like what a bobcat would look like — so they’re very cute," she said. "And, they’re very important from a biological perspective, because it's very significant to study a kitten really from birth throughout their whole life.”

Kuykendall said biologists had been tracking the mother of the mountain lion kittens. When she showed signs that she was pregnant, they later followed her to her den and found the kittens. They were outfitted with tracking chips and released.

They’re part of a group of 24 mountain lions that biologists are tracking during a 10-year study to see how they survive in an urbanized environment.

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