US Census Bureau wants to better track Hispanic population

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In the 2010 Census, U.S. residents were asked separate questions about origin and race.

So, even if you marked “Hispanic” as your ethnic origin, you were also asked to mark one of the five race categories: white, black, American Indian, Asian or Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

However, these categories don’t always match people’s identity — almost 20 million people in the last Census marked the “some other race” category. Most of those who did so, turned out to be Hispanic.

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau will announce changes to its questionnaire design and wording, in an effort to get more accurate responses to race and origin questions.

Even with the data gap, California proved to have the largest Hispanic population of any state.

And today, those trends continue — Los Angeles has the largest Hispanic population of any county, and the largest increase in that population since 2010.

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