Mama bear and cubs 'skinny dip' again in Pasadena backyard

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A mama bear and her two cubs took a dip in a backyard pool Tuesday night in Pasadena. This was the second time this week.

Justin Kelly and his family live about four streets down from the foothills in Pasadena, so this isn’t the first time they’ve seen bears.

“But it was the first time they really interacted, like getting close to us, not really being afraid," he said.

Kelly said they came to visit around 10:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday “like clockwork.”

"We were more excited to see them than worried," he said. "You know, we’re animal lovers and have been around our fair share of animals."

Kelly said he has two dogs. His bloodhound — who’s also, coincidentally, named “Bear” — got into an argument with the mama bear.

“He’s really protective of the house, so he was trying to get them out of the yard by barking and growling and really being aggressive, and the mama bear at one point charged him and knocked him down," he recalled. "If we weren’t there, he probably wouldn’t be here with us today.”

Kelly said the mama and her cubs stuck around for about 10 minutes before moving on to the neighbor’s pool.

He said he gave them names. The mama is “Lucy” and the cubs are “Booboo” and “Bambam.”