Anaheim government may create district system in November

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The Anaheim City Council is expected to vote during a special meeting that started at 4 p.m. Wednesday on whether to place a measure on the November ballot that would change how city council members are elected.

If the council votes to put it on the ballot, it would ask Anaheim voters to approve a change to a district system from an at-large voting system, simultaneously creating six council districts.

Many Latino community groups want to see a district system, since most of the current city council is non-Latino and most of the members come from one area of Anaheim. And, they say, they want eight districts, not just six — pointing out that many cities the same size as them have more than six council districts.

Some in the community groups say that area Latinos are routinely short-changed in the government, and not fairly represented by the city's current system.

The meeting is at 4 p.m. in Anaheim High School’s Cook Auditorium — which will hopefully allow enough room for people to comment on the July police shootings in the city.

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