Mountain lion photographed prowling Griffith Park

A National Park Service photograph of mountain lion P22.
A National Park Service photograph of mountain lion P22. National Park Service via Flickr

A mountain lion has been photographed prowling Griffith Park, the first definitive proof that there's truth to the rumors that a cougar lives in the 4,300-acre Los Angeles city park surrounded by urbanization.

Wildlife biologists had said it was unlikely the cougars would cross freeways to get to Griffith Park, but now there are photographs taken by remote-controlled cameras.

Biologists say the 3-year-old cougar probably came from farther west in the Santa Monica Mountains in mid-February.

National Park Service biologist Jeff Sikich tells the Los Angeles Times that a mountain lion living in Griffith Park is significant because the park is surrounded by urbanization.

Experts say the cougar shouldn't pose any danger to humans because they are solitary creatures that usually avoid human contact.

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