Department of Motor Vehicles computers 'back in business' after being down across the state

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The Department of Motor Vehicles is back up to speed after a computer glitch shut down systems across the state from about 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said the problem was outside the realm of the DMV. The department experienced communication issues with AT&T and Verizon that impacted both its online and field office services.

“It looks like they had worked on some routers and had some issues," she said. "It was probably routine maintenance, just something happened within the routine maintenance.”

Mendoza said that although the computer systems are back in business, you're probably still in for a longer wait than usual if you’re heading to the DMV.

"Some folks' appointments were rescheduled for tomorrow or later in the day, but yes, you are going to see a little bit busier field office today and possibly tomorrow, so our advice is to make an appointment," she said.

She recommends rescheduling appointments or renewing registrations online.

In June, the DMV also experienced technological difficulties when the website went down for almost two days.

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