LA's People Assisting The Homeless gets $1 million grant from $105 million Home For Good initiative

40582 full
40582 full

The Los Angeles-based “People Assisting The Homeless” (PATH) is one of the nonprofits receiving money from the "Home for Good" initiative, which is a partnership between the United Way and the L.A.-area Chamber of Commerce. PATH has worked to eliminate homelessness for almost 30 years.

The collaborative is providing PATH with a million-dollar grant.

PATH CEO Joel Roberts said the money, which comes from the private sector, will help his group sharply expand the number of homeless people it helps.

“We will be helping people find regular apartments, they’re permanent apartments," said Roberts. "They’re not shelter beds or transitional housing. Our goal is to house 250 people a year for two years," for a total of 500.

Roberts said not just anyone can sign up for the program.

“Our goal is to find people who are chronically homeless that are accessing the county health services and accessing the county mental health services," he said. "And to find the most frequent users ... who are homeless and actually get them into permanent housing.”

Those who get housing through PATH will have to contribute something towards the cost of that housing — if they have income from a job or government benefits.

A map of the recipients of grants from the Home For Good initiative:

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