2 women electrocuted to death while trying to help car crash victim

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Two women are dead and several others were injured after a car wreck Wednesday night in Valley Village. They were electrocuted during an attempt to rescue a man who crashed his SUV.

LAPD officer Tenesha Dobine said that just before 8:30 Wednesday night, a man in a white SUV was driving on the 1200 block of Magnolia Boulevard. When he tried to make a right turn, he lost control and collided with a fire hydrant and a power pole.

“Two females saw the accident and they tried to rescue the individual in the vehicle, but due to the down fire hydrant and light pole, they were electrocuted,” she said.

Those women died from their injuries. Six others who tried to help suffered minor injuries after they were shocked by an electrical charge. The driver wasn't shocked.

Firefighters worked to treat the injured and shut down the water and power with help from city workers.

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