NASA flies military jets over LA to ensure good photos of Endeavour's arrival

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38535 full

If you see two military jets flying low over Los Angeles today, don't worry: NASA sent them.

The space agency is preparing to bring the space shuttle Endeavour to Southern California next month so it can go on display at the California Science Center in LA's Exposition Park.

The shuttle's arrival on board a specially-designed cargo jet will involve a roundabout flight over L.A. so plenty of people can see it from the ground. Today's low altitude flights are aimed at figuring out how to get the best pictures of the shuttle during its arrival.

The jets — a T-38 trainer and an F-18 fighter jet — will drop down to about 1,500 feet over the city. Looking for a sneak peek? NASA's shuttle Discovery flew on a similar mission over D.C. to its new home in Virginia last April.

The Endeavour's arrival is planned for September 20.

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