14 sex offenders arrested in 'Operation Safe Haven' Los Angeles harbor area raid for violating probation

California's Megan's Law website

A screenshot from the California Megan's Law website shows the cluster of registered sex offenders in a small area.

More than 100 federal and local police went into a Wilmington neighborhood Tuesday night, in the Los Angeles harbor area, and arrested 14 registered sex offenders for various parole violations.

The raid targeted 60 suspects that were living in a three-block area.

Published reports say A search of the sex offenders' motel rooms and apartments by parole officers found pornography and drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, the Torrance Daily Breeze reports.

Called “Operation Safe Haven,” the parole sweep involved more than a dozen federal, state and local law enforcement agencies banding together to check on 60 sex offenders clustered within three blocks near the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
About 40 of the sex offenders gave a motel as their address.

Parole agents, probation officers, federal marshals, police officers, immigration officers and social workers from the county Department of Children and Family Services entered the sex offenders' motel rooms and apartments. Officers tied the wrists of parolees with plastic zip ties, frisked them and took them outside before searching their rooms.

The operation comes several weeks after residents held a town hall meeting to express concern over the high concentration of sex offenders in their neighborhood and rising crime.

The California Megan's Law website shows there are 179 sex offenders in the Wilmington ZIP code.

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