California opens Los Angeles River for recreation, education

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AP Photo/Ric Francis

A bicyclist rides along a path running along the cement-lined Los Angeles River in Los Angeles.

Governor Brown has signed a bill that expands public access to sections of the river.

The measure requires Los Angeles County Flood Control to open the river gates for education and recreation. The agency will decide when and where doing so won’t interfere with water conservation and flood control.

Senator Kevin De Leon (D-LA) authored the bill, which was sponsored and written by the Friends of the Los Angeles River and the UCLA Environmental Law Clinic.

In a written statement posted on the Friends’ of the Los Angeles River website, organization president and longtime advocate Lewis MacAdams said the bill establishes that “the Los Angeles River is a river, not just a flood control channel; and must be treated that way.”

Full text of SB 1201 LA River Expanded Public Access Bill

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