Nearly two million Southern Californians predicted to hit the road this Labor Day weekend

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43885 full

Southland motorists who plan to hit the road Friday afternoon for Labor Day will need to pack plenty of patience for the trip.

Transportation authorities predict that greater Los Angeles will become the nation’s second-most congested spot for traffic this weekend after New York.

Like the Big Apple, we’re used to this sort of thing.

It won’t be your typical traffic gridlock experience, says analyst Jim Bak with the global traffic research group, INRIX.

“Let’s say you’re heading south down towards Anaheim, Orange County, those areas, you’re going to see some traffic and travel times that’ll be two to three times longer than normal," Bak said. "That’s just because a combination of commuters plus holiday travelers out there on the roads.

"If you’re heading out to Santa Barbara or going to the Ventura Freeway out that way, you’re heading up to the mountains up to Los Padres National Forest, you’re looking probably [to] close...[to] an hour longer travel time this afternoon.”

Bak predicts that the 5 freeway will tie up the most. He says Angelenos who want to avoid the gridlock may want to consider leaving after 9 p.m. tonight or early tomorrow morning.

AAA projects that nearly two million Southern Californians will hit the road this holiday weekend.

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