2 killed in crash on I-5 Grapevine freeway pass; cars back up for a mile

victoriabernal/Flickr Creative Commons

A photo from the northbound Interstate 5 freeway going through the Grapevine pass, Jan. 7, 2006.

A crash on the Interstate 5 Grapevine freeway pass north of Los Angeles has killed at two people, while nine others were injured — including a child. The California Highway Patrol reopened a southbound stretch of the Grapevine after earlier closing all southbound lanes, with TV reports showing thousands of cars backed up.

At least three cars were involved in a crash at around 5 a.m. Tuesday on the southbound Interstate 5 in Gorman, California Highway Patrol Officer Robert Rodriguez said.

Four people were airlifted to hospitals in critical condition, while five had minor injuries, L.A. County fire officials said. Earlier reports had said three had died, but officials later said there were only two deaths.

All southbound lanes of the Grapevine had been closed, causing a mile-long backup, but the CHP opened the shoulder, allowing cars to move again — albeit at a far slower pace than normal.

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