LA utility crews raising power lines to make way for behemoth Space Shuttle Endeavour

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Los Angeles utility crews are more than halfway done raising power lines to make way for Space Shuttle Endeavour’s trek through South L.A. next month.

The five-story high, 78-foot wide shuttle will inch along a 12-mile route from LAX to its final destination at the California Science Center.

While workers chop down hundreds of trees to clear the way, other crews are raising power lines at about 40 locations along the path so the massive spacecraft doesn’t clip them.

“What we’re able to do in a lot of these cases is actually raise our conductors up to get them out of the area," explains Daryl Buckley, a director with the L.A. Department of Water and Power. "And we’re doing that by installing the taller poles and then once the project is completed and the Endeavour’s gone through, we’ll be able to come back down... we can lower our conductors down to a more reasonable height.”

Buckley says workers, on average, will raise lines about 30 feet from their current height. He estimates crews should finish the job in about three more weeks.

During the process, crews will also replace more than 70 older poles — some of which have stood since the early 1900s.

LADWP authorities say they don’t expect customers to lose power while they do the work.

The California Science Center is paying for the project.

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