High School football kicks off: Send us your photos!

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Summer’s over (possibly forever…or possibly for just another nine months) and it’s Friday. So we’ve got a question for you: Are you ready for some high school football?

Hint: The answer is yes!

And we want to see you in action.

It doesn’t matter if you are (or were) QB One, a mod, a cheerleader or band geek, we want to see photos of you out on the field, up in the stands or behind the bleachers (just keep it clean).

Here's how to send us your Instagram images:
Follow KPCC on Instagram.
• Use the hashtag #FootballLA in your Instagram photo descriptions.

Here's how to send us your Twitter images:
• Tweet or Instagram your photos and hashtag them #FootballLA and we'll post the best of them here.

That's it. We'll find them from there. If you don't use Instagram or Twitter, email your photos to pix@kpcc.org and then check back on the site to see your photos.

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