LAPD to hold community meetings on recent violent arrests

Ronald Weekley

Rina Palta/KPCC

Ronald Weekley Jr. (second from left) with his mother, father and sister. Weekley says police used excessive force when they arrested him Aug. 18, 2012 in Venice.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has ordered his 21 stations to hold community meetings to discuss recent videotaped violent arrests that have raised questions about use of force by officers.

Dates haven't been set, but the public will be given a chance to ask questions about the three incidents, the Los Angeles Times reports.

One of the videos shows officers tackling a Venice skateboarder who they say resisted arrest (via NBC L.A.):

Another shows a handcuffed woman slammed to the ground during a Tujunga arrest (also via NBC L.A.):

The woman was pulled over for holding a cellphone while driving.

The third involved a South Los Angeles woman who died after being placed in a police car. Police say the squad car camera shows a female officer stomping on her genitals during the struggle.

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