VIDEO: 9 'Occupy Monsanto' anti-genetic foods protesters arrested in Oxnard

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Nine anti-genetic foods activists have been arrested for blocking the gates to a large Southern California seed plant.

The activists showed up at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday and chained themselves to vehicles they parked at entrances to Oxnard's Seminis Vegetable Seeds, a subsidiary of Monsanto.

Video streaming by Ustream

Nine of the 12 protesters were arrested on suspicion of trespassing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The demonstrators say their aim is to protest Monsanto's sales of genetically modified seeds and to bring attention to Proposition 37. The November ballot initiative would require labeling on processed foods to let consumers know if they contain ingredients derived from DNA altered plants.

Occupy Monsanto spokesman Adam Eidenger said that Wednesday's protest was the first of several dozen planned protests around the world calling attention to genetically modified foods, the Times reports.

St. Louis-based Seminis, the world's largest developer, grower and marketer of vegetable seeds, says in an email that they support the right to protest.

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