Cerritos Neighbor of 'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker says family kept to itself, save for an occasional party

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Neighbors who live on the same Cerritos cul-de-sac as Nakoula Bassley Nakoula have had to adjust to the regular presence of media vans and patrol cars.

Terrence Price, 49, lives a half-block down and across the street from the Nakoula's single family home. As he watered his front lawn, Price said his four kids ages 8 to 17 were excited about the TV trucks, but he was more worried about their safety.

"I just hope that nothing goes wrong, people don't retaliate or do anything," Price told KPCC. "I just want my kids to be safe. You never know what can come about by this."

Asked what he knows about the man many believe is responsible for the "Innocence of Muslims" film that has spared protests in the Middle East, Price said the family mainly kept to itself. He remembered helping Nakoula jump-start his car a few years back, but he said there was nothing peculiar about the encounter.

Every five months or so, said Price, a man he thought was Nakoula's oldest son would throw a large party.
"The whole block would be filled with young kids from 20-23, and they weren't loud, but when I passed by, they were just laughing and drinking."

Price also saw the Nakoula family throw out a lot of furniture.

"About every two months," said Price. "I just thought they had money and were re-doing their house every two months, and I never thought about it."

At the curb in front of the Nakoula residence, someone had thrown out an old sofa and headboard for a bed.

"You just never know about people," Price said.

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