5 videos of cute animals cooling down to help you face the weather

sparkieg/Flickr/Creative Commons

A puppy jumps in the water to fetch a stick, keeping cool while playing. How do you beat the heat?

Yesterday's record-breaking highs will ease this week, but not by much. According to the National Weather Service, West L.A. and downtown L.A. may see highs in the mid-80s, while East L.A. sweats highs in the 90s.

For those who still need help to beat the heat, here are five videos of animals cooling down to draw inspiration from:

1. Kevin the baby Sulcata Tortoise quenches his thirst on a chunk of tomato
Kevin's got the right idea by sitting in the shade and chomping on a juicy fruit. Unfortunately, his depth perception is lacking...

2. Otters floating and holding hands
This video is an oldie but a goodie. These two otters keep cool two ways: staying in the water and doing absolutely nothing.

3. Hedgehog takes a dip in the tub
If stepping outside is out of the question for you, follow this hedgehog's lead and splash around indoors – in your bathtub.

4. Squirrel eats ice cream
Perhaps these picnicking tourists were too nice to park wildlife, but this squirrel took advantage of the situation by chomping down on cold ice cream.

5. Kitty gets ham on its face
We wouldn't recommend you follow suit, but theoretically this would work. Using refrigerated deli meat as a cold compress could keep you cool.


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