'Gangnam Style': El Monte lifeguards fired over 'Lifeguard Style' Psy music video spoof want their jobs back

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The 14 lifeguards in El Monte who were fired for making a spoof of K-pop music video "Gangnam Style" by Psy want their jobs back. They’re planning to make that plea Tuesday night at an El Monte City Council meeting.

“Lifeguard Style” was a remake of the hugely popular “Gangnam Style” from Korean pop star Psy. In the original, Psy does his cheesy dancing dressed in a tux in various settings. In the remake, the lifeguards do about the same thing, but they’re dressed in their lifeguard uniforms and they’re using the El Monte Aquatic Center.

That's what ticked off El Monte city officials. They say that the lifeguards violated a policy against using city property for private use or benefit.

As their video has gone viral, the lifeguards have become a popular cause. Even Psy himself has called on the city to rehire the lifeguards.

The original music video that inspired their spoof:

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