Is your hospital a 'Top Performer'? Check out this new ranking

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Joint Commission gives top rankings to hospitals that adhere closely to treatment protocols. More than two-dozen Southern California hospitals earn the top ranking, including nine Kaiser Permanente hospitals.

More than two-dozen Southern California hospitals are ranked as "top performers" by the Joint Commission, the nation’s major hospital accreditation board.

The rankings issued Wednesday show 620 hospitals nationwide — about 18 percent of those the Joint Commission reviews — are earned "top performer" status when it came to following certain treatment quality measures.

These "quality measures" are the detailed medical procedures that hospital staffs follow when treating patients. There are various protocols for stroke, pneumonia, asthma and many other diseases or conditions. Common ones include giving aspirin to a patient showing symptoms of a heart attack or providing antibiotics to a patient an hour before surgery.

The Joint Commission says top-performing hospitals follow the quality measures at least 95 percent of the time.

This year's list of top performers includes 19 Kaiser Permanente hospitals in California, including nine in Southern California.

(For the full list of California hospitals, go to pages 13 and 14 in the study embedded below.)

The Joint Commission report says the number of hospitals that made the top grade is up 50 percent from last year. That’s partly because psychiatric hospitals were included in this year’s report – 43 of which made the top grade - and partly because more hospitals did better at sticking to the treatment protocols.

The Joint Commission’s ratings don’t include patient health outcomes, a measure favored by some other hospital ranking groups.

(To read the full study, click in the box below.)

Joint Commission Annual Report

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