Nearly $10 million in fed economic grants aimed at creating jobs in Southern California

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34989 full

The U.S. Department of Commerce said Friday it will give $9.9 million in economic development grants to California cities and institutions.

The grants will go to Garden Grove, Salinas, South Gate, Visalia, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the University of Southern California.

The money is intended to help keep or add 2,400 jobs in the region.

Rebecca Blank, the acting U.S. Commerce Secretary, said the grants will help “attract new businesses, create jobs and recover from flood damage by rebuilding infrastructure that is vital to the well-being of their local economies.”

Here is a breakdown of how the groups plan to use the grants:

Garden Grove: The city plans to use a $2.9 million grant to improve Harbor Boulevard and protect businesses nearby from flood damage.

South Gate: The city will spend its $2.5 million grant to improve a busy intersection, Firestone Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, to make it easier to get to property that could be used for manufacturing.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: The $2.1 million grant will pay for a lab and training workshop at LA Kretz Innovation Campus. The grant will also help pay for equipment.

Visalia: The city will use a $1.9 million grant to fix the city’s storm water drainage system.

University of Southern California: USC's $250,000 grant will help pay for a program that will help governments, small businesses and community groups with economic development and disaster recovery.

Salinas: The city will use a $147,447 grant on an economic development study.

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