Occupy LA: The movement marches through downtown to mark its one-year anniversary (Photos)

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Today marks the one year anniversary of Los Angeles’ Occupy movement.

More than 300 protestors gathered at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles to march against private interests and corporate control.

Protestors blocked traffic and made several stops to speak out, including one at the Los Angeles Community College District building.

Katiuska Cruz has been a part of the Occupy Los Angeles movement since the beginning.

“It means a lot, the fact that we are still standing," Cruz said. "A lot of occupations, how do you call it, they disappeared and the fact that we are one of the few occupations in the country that are still standing with general assemblies and decision making. Which is great, I think it’s beautiful that we still have that going on.”

Former Occupier Matt Sedillo, who performed poetry at the anniversary celebration, says Occupy has made its mark.

“They really changed the conversation. This educational idea of 99 percent it’s permeated the entire society," he said. "This whole use of percentages is a very new thing that was brought into the American dialogue and mostly by the Occupy movement.”

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