Rare 1965 photos of the Rolling Stones found at flea market on display in LA (PHOTOS)

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Some two dozen never-before-exhibited photographs of the Rolling Stones are on display at Dilettante gallery in downtown Los Angeles. The candid photos were taken in 1965 when the band was on an American tour.

Lauren White, a local musician, found the rare photos at a flea market in Saugus.

“There was a stand full of memorabilia in which I found a box full of photos, including a stack of snapshots of the Rolling Stones," White said. "I didn't know what I had — or that they hadn't been seen — until further research. The composition of the photos were so beautiful, and the band was so candid, young and innocent, that I knew I had to show them. “

The images show the band before they became international icons, at play in motel pools and along the road during their U.S. tour in 1965. Several photos show band founder Brian Jones diving and swimming — perhaps foreshadowing his death by drowning four years later.

White teamed up with George Augusto, Dilettante's owner, to display the images.

"We spent a lot of time researching this," said Augusto. "Not only to find if they'd been published but to try find who actually shot them."

Though they were able to discover where and when the photos were taken, the photographer remains a mystery.

"We're hoping that they'll come out of the woodworks," said Augusto. So far, the duo was able to get the photos in front of the Stones' manager from the time, but he had no idea who might have taken them.

White and Augusto are hoping to get the images in front of some of the band members soon.

"Nobody seems to care about them as much as we do," said White.

The exhibit at Dilettante runs through October 26. To see all of the photos and to arrange to check them out at the gallery, go to FoundRollingStones.com.

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