NorCal teen is latest Scout to run afoul of gay ban


Photo by rocket ship via Flickr Creative Commons

Ryan Andresen was kicked out of his Moraga, California scout troop after sending a letter to the group saying he is gay.

A San Francisco Bay area teenager has become the latest Boy Scout to be kicked out of his troop because of the organization's national policy of excluding gay members and adult troop leaders.

Ryan Andresen's mother, Karen Andresen, launched an online petition this week to get the master of her son's Moraga-based troop to sign-off on a project that would allow the 17-year-old to become an Eagle Scout before he reaches the cutoff age of 18.

She says the Scoutmaster refused to approve the project, a tile wall with an anti-bullying message, after Ryan came out as gay in a letter to his troop, NBC News reports.

Boy Scouts of America spokesman Deron Smith says the organization doesn't ask members about sexual orientation, but enforces the gay ban when individuals make statements outing themselves.


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