Dry, warm conditions & high fire danger forecast for Southern California

High Temperatures for Southern California

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service said very warm and dry conditions have elevated fire danger for Southern California through Thursday.

The National Weather Service said fire danger is elevated through Thursday for Southern California because of very warm and dry conditions.

The NWS said the unseasonably warm weather and fire danger stretches from San Luis Obispo County on the central coast to Los Angeles County.

The reason for the warm weather is due to an upper level high pressure system which is forecast to bring offshore winds between 25 and 35 mph across the mountains, valleys and coastal areas of Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties and the central California coast.

Temperatures are expected to peak Wednesday when valley temperatures will climb between 95 and 102 degrees. But the weather service said records are not likely to be broken since records are unusually high for this date.

In Pasadena, the city is urging residents to conserve power during this week's heat wave. A fire in a gas turbine at the city owned Glen Arm power plant Tuesday morning resulted in a generator being taken offline. The plant is located near Fair Oaks and the 110 Freeway and provides power to Pasadena residents and businesses.

Only one of the five generators at the plant is now online and Pasadena Water and Power won't be able to bring an emergency generator online this week. The city is warning that there is a chance of power outages if residents don't conserve.

The weekend forecast predicts a return to mild temperatures.

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