Is it worth closing 73 toll road for 'Hangover 3' filming?

Hangover 3

“Orange County is quite tickled to be a part of Hangover 3,” said Orange County film commissioner, Janice Arrington.

This weekend part of the 73 toll road in Orange County will be shut down not for construction, but so that Warner Brothers can film a scene for the Hangover 3.

A three-mile stretch will be closing from the 405 in Costa Mesa to Jamboree Road in Newport Beach for what CALTRANS is calling simply “permit work.”

This is the first time a freeway has been shut down for film production in Orange County, according to county film commissioner Janice Arrington.

“Orange County is quite tickled to be a part of 'Hangover 3,'” Arrington said.

Because SR 73 is a state road and the state wants to promote film production, Warner Bros. is getting to use the freeway for free.

The studio will be paying for the lost toll revenue and for the use of local roads.

And Arrington says that’s just the beginning of the economic boost.

“You’re starting off with gas stations being used and food being purchased, and supplies purchased,” she said. “Hotel rooms will be rented, and those customers in the hotel will go and walk around neighborhoods and possibly shop at South Coast Plaza. So the spending just for the community is substantial.”

Arrington points out the California film industry has been hurt in recent years by productions lured to cheaper locations, so it’s up to people like her to keep “film flight” from taking off.

She hopes the economic impact of The Hangover 3 will go beyond just this weekend.

“We are actually doing a scene here that opens up the movie that I think people will talk about,” Arrington said. “I’m hoping that people will see the credits at the end and see it says ‘Orange County’ and we’ll get some visitors.”

Moviegoers will likely have to wait until the end credits to know they saw SR-73, because in the movie the scene is set on I-405.

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