VIDEO: Police search for suspect who set man on fire outside Long Beach market

Man on fire

Courtesy Long Beach Police

An image from a video showing a man who was burned when someone threw a fire bomb at him outside of a Long Beach market.

Police are looking for a suspect who threw a Molotov cocktail at a man sitting outside a market Friday night in Long Beach.

The man caught on fire and suffered burns on his hands and face and from the waist down. He is in the hospital in serious condition.

Long Beach Police Sergeant Aaron Eaton told NBC4 the victim was a 54-year-old Long Beach man who did not know his attacker.

“It is a serious crime," said Eaton. "It is a crime that I haven’t seen in my time as a law enforcement officer," Eaton said.

Police released surveillance video of the attack on Sunday. They are asking the public to come forward with any information about the case.

"It just is unbelievable that somebody would use that type of weapon against somebody, and in this particular case, an individual who was just sitting there minding his own business,” said Eaton.

Watch the video below:

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